The SHOWCASE is a Pitch & Panel event hosted in select cites across North America. Choosen applicants are given 3 minutes to highlight their product or service, summarize why it's a winning concept and give us their ask.

Founders use this as an opportunity to showcase their ideas, meet qualified investors and increase their access to media and business development leads.  Past Presenters have gone on to raise millions, join top accelerators and build high return relationships as a result of exposure from Vinetta's highly curated events.

 **In DC & Toronto all Showcase events are run as a Venture Challenge. Founders who advance to the final Showcase compete for a game-changing prize package, including $20,000 in cash (DC) and $15,000 in cash (Toronto).**

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•  A least one member of the founding team must be female. 
•  The product must be software or Internet based, have a mobile or web core component, or have patentable technology.
• The site, application or product must be live, manufactured or in functioning Beta. 
•  Company must not have received institutional funding.  Angel and friends & family is acceptable.

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